Confidential Records Network's All-Star Roundup

Gearing up for our next Confidential Records showcase, it’s high time we dish

about our lineup. Each of these artists is an MVP in their own right, and we’re

thrilled to be presenting them! You might be wondering what you can expect from

them at the upcoming event – in which case I’ll prompt you to read on to learn a

bit about each act.

First up, from the Toronto ‘burbs: Chhina

For Chhina, making music isn’t just about doing what he loves – it’s also about release and relief in the wake of the struggles he faces as a young man growing and navigating in an increasingly strange and difficult-to navigate world. The experiences and hardships Chhina has faced have shaped him into the person he is today: a person who expresses solidarity with his listeners through his artistry. Chhina’s music became a tool for him to achieve his goal of inspiring, educating, and spreading love to others. Music is healing and restorative, which will invigorate his performance at our showcase.

Next up: Orangeville’s Austin Strange

Austin Strange’s passion for performing stems from a childhood of music lessons, participation in local theatre productions, and singing whenever and wherever for just about anyone who gave him their ear. Formerly a student of film scoring in college, Strange honed his technical skills while realizing his passion for writing pop music. His self-coined “Alternative Pop” genre is influenced by the likes of Bon Iver, Queen, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, and Kesha. Pop music isn’t all fluff, though – Strange’s music is a unique meeting point of party sonics with deeper meaning found under the surface in his lyricism, formed as a response to his mental health journey and struggles. Like the rest of our lineup, Strange is eager and raring to plunge back into live music; while an experienced performer in Ontario, his sights are set on bringing his particular brand of Alternative Pop to the rest of Canada and the United States.

And our final star: PEI-born Kari Lyn

Kari Lyn was raised in North Rustico, PEI

surrounded by music and storytelling, the overlap of which shines through many of her songs. Between tuning in to the local Saturday Night Hoedown radio station and listening to stories passed down from her “PEI-famous” grandfather, Tommy Gallant, Kari Lyn was naturally molded into a storyteller who uses lyrics to tell stor