CRN's Highlight Night Showcase Was a Blast!

The energy was high on the night of July 23rd as our three musical all-stars, Chhina, Kari Lyn and Austin Strange, took to the stage to perform valiantly for all the attentive eyes and ears at home.

Needless to say, the pressures of living have certainly risen due to the implications of COVID-19 on society. This year, CRN strived to put on a show that would remind viewers far and wide of what once was, and what is soon to be - live music! We had an exciting, multi-layered and music-rich broadcast that brought everyone together to proudly embrace one thing: Canadian musical talent.

This series of performances included:

  • Toronto's rising rap star, Chhina, who certainly brought the energy and charisma to the forefront.

  • PEI's cherished folk-rock artist, Kari Lyn, whose hearty acoustics resonated with our very emotions.

  • Dubbed the 'alt-pop' sensation, Austin Strange, whose dance-y tunes surely made each of our heads nod to the beat.

It was surely a night to remember, standing out as one of the most carefully planned and orchestrated livestream adaptations thus far. Through ticket and raffle sales, CRN netted $160 dollars, all of which is going towards Youth Street Mission to assist in their initiative.

On behalf of Confidential Records, we want to thank each and every person who purchased a ticket and partook in this year's musical spectacle.

We wish you all a good night!