While we still anxiously await the re turn of in-person live music, all of us at Confidential Records were very proud to present this term’s Open Mic Night as a livestream show on Saturday, May 22nd. Streamed from Harris Institute and hosted by the entertaining- as ever Phil Maye, the CRTV Open Mic Night highlighted a selection of talented local artists and current students – two of whom are from opposite ends of the country! Yukon and Prince Edward Island came together for one night in Toronto, through Princess Melia and Kari Lyn. It just goes to show that even though it’s been a rough year of disconnection, isolation, and way too many screens (including the ones our audience had to watch us on), there is always an opportunity for passionate people to come together and create a special moment to be shared; you just have to get a little creative!

Speaking of creativity, there were no shortfalls of it as the night’s performance lineup shared some of their tracks with us live – kicked off by Matthew Ibañez, tucked in by Jessica Sevier, and electrically charged in the middle with Princess Melia, Charl!e Huncho, and Kari Lyn. Nothing compares to the in-person connection… but each of these artists brought such passion and care to their performance that the connection was made in a different way. Being excited and proud of what you do is something that resonates on a universal level. This lineup resonated!