Get Prepared For Confidential Record’s Sports-Themed Spectacle!

This showcase’s all-star lineup: Chhina, Austin Strange, and Kari Lyn!

Fetch a drink, don your favourite jersey and find a seat before the arena’s full, because Confidential Records Network has prepared a special evening program of sport-like variety - the sport of music!

This Summer’s rhythmic roster is composed of three talented Canadian artists: from his charming hometown of Orangeville, the alt-pop sensation, Austin Strange; the urban legend from the music capital of Canada, Chhina; and the east-coast extravaganza,

Kari Lyn!

For this event, Confidential Records will be partnering with Toronto-based philanthropic initiative Yonge Street Mission and their new movement Give 6ix, which is designed to “inspire everyone in our city to take action and grow our collective potential to make a difference” by inviting us all to “do or give 6 things (any 6 things!) in order to help someone struggling in Toronto, “the Six”, right now.”

Including live studio commentators, magic show segments, and a raffle for a one-of-a-kind Confidential Records jersey, this is a production you should fear missing out on! The show is slated to air this July 23. Information on purchasing a ticket and/or entering the raffle will be made available in the coming days leading up to the show.