Life Post-Mortem

Life Post-Mortem


Formed in 2017, but having members come and go until late 2020, "Life Post-Mortem" wouldn’t have their first release, “Rise and Live Again”, until early 2021. The current members include; Dee Hastings, Ryot Lewis, Colin Patterson, Dean Georgiou, and Cat Bond.

Reminiscing in the sounds of the punk scene from the early 2000’s, through both low growls and soaring highs, they take echoes left on the airwaves by their predecessors & raise thematic spirits long thought to be dead from their respective societal graves. Focusing on the core concept of a “Living Afterlife” stemming from Vocalist; Dee Hastings’s PTSD ridden existence following falling victim to several violent hate crimes, the lyrical themes revolve around continuing beyond your own death and surpassing your hard limits.

Twisting horror through a queer lens, and cranking the amp dials to eleven, they make for a unique sound whilst picking up where the genre left off over a decade ago.

Life Post-Mortem
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